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Guest Post

Important Points For Guest Post-

1. The article should be minimum of 1000 words and should be unique, your original work. Previously posted articles on the internet are not accepted.

2. The content you write should be 100% unique, plagiarism* free and SEO friendly. Duplicate content will be rejected.

3. Always try to keep your paragraphs short, max 3-5 sentences; Short paragraphs are easier to understand and digest for the readers.

4. Please choose catchy headline.

5. The article should be in Microsoft word format or Text- Docs file and can be easily editable.

6. Along with your post, please send at least 5-6 good quality high resolution photos relevant to the post.

7. One featured image is necessary Also, remember once the content is published on our website it should not be published anywhere else.

8. Images must be at least 700 px size and should be relevant. No copyrighted image.

9. No racist, sexist, adult, casino or anti-religious posts allowed.

10. Content intent and grammar should be clear and your article should be well optimized.

11. Include an author bio at the end of the article. Kindly send brief bio and a 250px photo of yourself for the bio section.

12. You need to share article on your social platforms.

13. No self promotion. Limit the number of links to a maximum of two. Too many backlinks might be considered spam or a sponsored post. A post should only contain 1 or 2 links – either to the author’s website, Twitter handle, or his/her blog.

14. Avoid adding commercial links. Commercial content or promotional post can be chargeable.

15. Article must be related to Education, Health, Life Style, Motivation, Politics, Travel-Tourism and Technology based.

16. You should not post anything that violates Google prohibited policies.

Please mail your Write ups, Articles and Events Info to: LNMediaNetwork [ @ ] gmail . com

*Search Engine Reports: This is a simple and free way to check if content is copied or original. Get a number of phrases that are unique to your content. Copy and paste on a search engine such as Google or Bing and do a search. To do this, simply select one line from each paragraph, and search that line, enclosed in quotation marks (“…”), in Google. This should tell you whether there is any near-duplicate or exact-duplicate out there.


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